Thursday, July 17, 2008


If you did indeed invent the cheeseburger Mr. Lionel Sternberger I salute you! Cheeseburgers are the near perfect food. Besides tasting great they have most of the food groups, meat, vegetables, dairy, grain and beer. Whether you fry them in an iron skillet or grill them on iron grates you will soon be enjoying a delicious piece of Americana, unless it’s the Four Year Old Cheeseburger or the Cheeseburger in a Can.

on the grill

There is a growing trend of placing the toppings on the bottom of the burger. The theory is that the rising heat from the burger will diminish the freshness of the toppings. This might be fine in a fast food restaurant but the burgers I make at home don’t sit around for long so I’m not worried about it. Even Jimmy Buffet’s Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant is doing it. I don’t put the toppings on the bottom because I use some mayo on the bottom bun to mix with the cheeseburger juices to form a nice sauce, besides it just looks weird.

cheeseburger and fries

I guess you can tell that I like mine with lettuce and tomato….

bacon cheeseburger


Anonymous said...

The burgers look so juicy and delicious!

As a side note, my grandma used to have that plate set! It must have been pretty popular : )


R. Mansfield said...

You, know, I think my grandmother had the same plates, too!

Okay, here's how I like my hamburger:

On top, mayo on the bun with a bit of Tabasco sprinkled on the mayo itself. Lettuce always has to go on top. I usually skip the tomato.

On bottom, ketchup and mustard and pickles.

If I have extras like grilled onions or sauteed mushrooms, they go on top. But if I have both, mushrooms on top, grilled onions on bottom.

Zank said...

Those plates are pretty old. They usually get relegated to holding my prep work. When I was going through the pictures I noticed I had used that plate and thought no one would notice LOL.